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don't burn your bridges

You've spent so much time writing and re-writing your book, listening to test readers and getting it edited and proofread by an objective party (hopefully)'ve learned that people judge books by their covers and that yours needs to stand out in an ever-growing crowd - so you've furnished your book with the cover it deserves, one representative of your tireless efforts to bring your dream to life. are you going to promote it? How are you going to attract people's attention in the veritable ocean of today's flooded market?

Surely you're not just going to abandon your journey towards greatness here, allowing your book to wallow in digital limbo, hoping that someone, somewhere is bound to stumble across it?

Of course you're not.

set the world afire

Firstly, we hope that our metaphors are understood as such, and that no one takes the above as endorsing arson. Instead, you want to go out all guns blazing with promotional content that catches the eye without burning it...but comes awful close. You want people to shout "OW! That looks so good it hurts!".

As well as the varied arsenal of sample content arrayed below are short teaser videos and social media banners; and the old reliables like 3D mock-ups and review cards (animated, if required). But we can also make (and host) flipbooks for embedded samples on your website or blog, or just PDFs with some nice layouts and incorporated covers. If there's something you don't see here, let us know and we'll figure out a way to do it for you.

book trailer - €499

animated cover - €29

social & Event ads - €79

If you like what you see, read on. And remember that we can do a whole lot more, as well as respond to your suggestions. Don't be afraid to ask...

Keep in mind that many of the videos above incorporate animated book covers with original artwork, so that work would either have to be supplied or added to the cost if you needed it. However, we can bundle some work, so just ask. Take for example this scenario: you want your cover animated by us and you'd like a teaser video or short ad incorporating that animation. We'll do both for only €89!!!

Now let's say you're getting us to create Original Artwork and build your Custom E-Book and/or Paperback cover. Watch us throw in an animation for FREE if you want one of the above teaser ads.

If we've created your book cover, we'll knock €50 off a book trailer. And so on...

Reach out to us at

Tell us exactly what you need and we'll offer you a deal to bundle all your requirements.

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