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*Please read the Channel The Dark Project page before submitting an entry.

We invite artists from around the island of Ireland to submit their artwork for selection for the cover of Issue 1 of the Channel The Dark anthology, due to be published in May 2023. The book is currently planned for publication in two formats - e-book and paperback - so we will need a front cover image for the e-book and a 'wraparound' cover (an extension of the front cover) for the paperback. There may also be a hardback book, but that will be confirmed in time.

If selected, your artwork will feature on our website as a webpage background, and the book featuring your cover design will be sold via our website (e-book exclusively on our website) and in other outlets to be confirmed.* If you have any further questions or concerns as to how your art will be used, don't hesitate to contact us.

*Please be aware that no royalties will issue to contributors for this volume. It is a not-for-profit project.


Please make yourself aware of the standard dimensions for an e-book cover. We cannot confirm the dimensions of the paperback cover until the page numbers are finalised, so please consider scaling issues when completing your work. Also, please keep in mind the placement of 1) the Channel The Dark title at the top centre of the cover page (the colour of the title is open to change, to accommodate the colour scheme of the winning entry); 2) contributor information at the bottom centre (or across the bottom) of the cover; 3) title info and the Temple Dark Books logo on the spine of the paperback; and 4) back cover information pertaining to the project, as well as barcode, publisher and artist information.

As this project is intended to supplement the fundraising activities of SOSAD Ireland, it is possible that trained representatives from said services will peruse your submissions following our initial screening for suitability. This is to ensure that there is no content readers may find potentially triggering.

Your artwork must be in keeping with our brand identity and the genres we publish. We do not wish to receive artwork depicting explicit or gratuitously violent situations, and works deemed potentially harmful will be rejected.

Please complete the Submissions form below and attach your file, ensuring that it is in JPG or PNG format. All other formats will be rejected.

Submissions close November 30, 2022. Good luck!

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Page background art by Bekka Bjorke, AKA Gaia.