Forthcoming - 2022

All artwork, book info, and Author info is preliminary. Further details to follow.

How about a nice vacation in Florida?

Hell’s Gulf is a strange place. 


Unlike your typical Florida beachtown, it boasts lovely gray beaches caked with seaweed. Its waters are brown and reek of dead fish (“full of nutrients”, the locals claim). Oysters and alcoholism are their primary exports. The ruins of old historical structures are kept from collapsing by their own violent reputations. And the occasional mutilated corpse turns up in the town’s various haunts, contributing to a dark, mysterious entity’s decades-long killing spree.


It’s the last place you'd expect to find Rowan Vane, a troubled young man struggling with self-definition. Vacationing with his broken family in Hell’s Gulf, he embarks on a half-baked spirit journey to breathe life into his passion for writing, and hopefully find something more. But the further he ventures into its depths, the more the town’s problems become intertwined with his own, until he uncovers the terrible truth behind the weirdness. 


A truth that may very well kill him.

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Nick Carlson

Nick Carlson Author Photo

A video editor by trade, Nick Carlson also harbors a strong passion for horror writing. Alongside a self-published novel and anthology contributions, he regularly pens short stories for the horror entertainment site Chilling Tales For Dark Nights. 


Nick's love of the genre coincides with his fascination with the natural world and its more unsavory denizens. He’ll willingly free-handle spiders and snakes (and give you a biology lesson to boot), and whenever he finds himself on the beach he’ll reel in stingrays and man-sized sharks from the sea...but it’s the safe and speedy release that he cherishes the most. 


On top of all that, Nick is an avid hiker, classical composer, and organist.