Pawns of The Prophet by Ronald A. Geobey


The Kwaios Are Here

A century has passed since the Cage event, with millions of people taken to the planet Kiranis.


With the Shield around Earth nearing completion, its enigmatic architects are about to make themselves known.

Powerful men are in control of Kwaios technology, overseeing the destiny of humankind.

But the great transport system called MEC is a monumental lie, and the Kwaios have had a hundred years to set their trap.

Guided by the Prophet Naveen, one man is in the centre of a star-spanning scheme that will shift the balance of power forever.

But he is only one man.

The Argo ploughed the darkness in which stars would grow...


Pawns of The Prophet is the second instalment of the 7-Part SFF crossover series Kiranis, continuing the machinations and manipulations of the Prophet Naveen. Expanding the Kiranis universe, Pawns of The Prophet introduces us to new species, new worlds, and new concepts underpinning this unique journey.

Here are some extracts to give you a sense of what's in store.

Original character art below (Cassandra Messina) is by The Dimensional

Spaceship Door_edited.jpg

The two Vawters stood in the airlock as the hissing of depressurisation filled their ears. ‘No one’s ever been up here, Sammy,’ Elias told his son for the hundredth time, proud that he had arranged this visit. ‘Imagine that…they just left it alone.’
Samuel nodded, looking back at the mercenaries behind them. Twelve armed men and women accompanied them on their little trip, and Samuel did not understand why. His eyes fixed on one of the automatic rifles in his line of sight. ‘Don’t worry, kid,’ the closest man told him. ‘We’re not gonna need these.’ Samuel nodded again, and looked back up at his father, who smiled again. Everything was fine...

...The wall of air which hit them as the seal was broken on the other vessel was stagnant, but the smell was more metallic than organic. Elias was reminded of the smell of his antique coins in his sweaty palm and was surprised to find that he did not like it. ‘Well…’ he said by way of ceremony as he took a step forward, ‘let’s see what the Kwaios left us.’

Elias Vawter lays the foundation of the plan

Romis was impressed with himself, and it showed. He looked up at the control room. ‘Any reaction out there?’ he asked. A woman in a blue suit shook her head. ‘Not than I can see,’ she replied over the intercom. ‘But if the Kwaios know we have this, they’ll find a way of tracing it.’ Romis nodded and returned his focus to the activity of the Jaevisk marker device, before he was interrupted again. ‘How’s our girl?’ asked a different voice from the control room; a familiar and, at this stage, unwelcome voice. Romis indicated that the subject be turned over before looking up again to see Samuel Vawter: ‘She holding up okay, Doctor?’ the man asked.

The doctor nodded, glancing back to the vital readings as the orderlies turned the woman onto her back. He leaned over her, seeing her eyeballs moving beneath the lids, REM sleep the only activity they could allow for now. ‘She’s dreaming, as usual,’ Romis reported, unable to keep a thin smile from his face as he looked up again at Vawter and added, ‘It’s all Cassandra can do these days.’

‘Best way to keep her out of trouble, I’d imagine,’ Vawter agreed.

Dr. Ian Romis speaks with Samuel Vawter

Cassandra Messina.jpg
Snowcap Mountains

‘Where are we going?’ she asked over the com as they strapped themselves in. Samuel closed the door and pointed towards the mountains: ‘The other side.’
Her eyes widened. East Antarctica had been declared a no-go zone since the Cage. It was said that a massive area around the South Pole had been irradiated when the Cage activated and Earth had vanished, and that even now, a century later, thermonuclear radiation lingered in the freezing air and clung to the packed ice. But in a flash of certainty, Amara realised that a lot of things were said about the events of 230, and they were all lies. She should have known that Samuel would be in possession of truths contrary to popular belief, but she had never pressed him about the secrets he held. They were simply part of his job...

...The helicopter rose swiftly into the air and Amara was soon looking out across the mountain range as they headed for the South Pole. The giant troll looked decidedly less menacing from up here, and yet Amara would not allow herself to feel masterful as men were wont to do. Humility was necessary in this part of the world. It kept you alive. The helicopter passed over Kirkpatrick and she saw it ahead. She saw the void. She saw the emptiness. Where the pole should be.

Samuel and Amara at the Antarctica Station

Kallon Raesa had been looking forward to a change of scenery, but he had not expected this. More than six months ago he had left the outer limits of human-controlled space, in the form of a MEC station so rarely used he had imagined it full of spiders clambering over each other in a desperate bid to find the transfer area and hitch a ride on whatever vessel was unlucky enough to punch in the wrong coordinates. There had been times he thought they might have come along with him, and dreams of spiders crawling into open orifices were not conducive to a good night’s sleep. On more than one sleepless night, he had to talk himself out of duct-taping his own mouth shut. But if the spiders could see him now, they would have no problem getting in...

...Yet it was not until he moved away from the moon towards the planet proper that he beheld the sight that invited spiders to nest in his open mouth. It was not merely that hundreds of vessels of varying shapes and sizes orbited and oversaw operations on the planet, their dropships and attendant craft swarming in every direction; nor that debris littered the space between Kallon and this scene as if a cleaning crew had pushed it into a higher orbit; nor that intermittent weapons fire blasted the surface below as if mopping up a spill. Instead, it was the disturbing realisation that, beyond all this, a planet which was supposed to be dominated by highly intelligent aquatic life was black and lifeless, as if every drop of water had been ejected into space.

Kallon Raesa arrives at the Illeri Homeworld

Moving planets
Cosmic Swirl

Arrien had trained with the best, but only he had succeeded in piloting multiple microdrones at once. Holographic projections floated before him, permitting control of three simultaneous drone flights, and the trick was to use one’s peripheral vision so that the eyes never needed to move. Arrien had honed his peripheral vision with the aid of meditative viewing, a skill he had developed under the tutelage of a Sori blood priest whose fascination with human physiology had facilitated a proverbial meeting of minds; not to mention Arrien’s unbridled access to the Sori home world, Senkara. Despite visibly antagonising every Sori with whom Arrien came into contact, the patronage of a blood priest was sufficient to guarantee his safety. After learning some everyday phrases in the dominant dialect amongst their complex primary language, Arrien gradually found some of them warming to him. They were at least tolerant of his presence, and that was a start. It all changed with the study of human victims of a Sori raid, when the blood priest compared them with what he had learned of Arrien’s physiology. The priest accused Arrien of deceiving him and things went rapidly downhill. The escape from Senkara had upset Arrien on numerous levels, mainly because the closest any human had come to peaceful relations with the Sori had been disrupted by the fact that Arrien was not the same as the rest of his species.

Arrien Echad and the Sori Homeworld, Senkara


The Shield

While Anev Tesckyn invited the Illeri to construct this defensive grid around Earth, a century later the Senate  oversee the conclusion of the project, realising that the Shield is so much more than just a suit of armour for a planet. In this image, The Structuralist brings to live the symbiotic nature of the Shield, as life on Earth continues through the carefully controlled apertures of this metal world.

The development process is not yet available, but you can visit The Structuralist's dedicated TDStudios page for more of his work. Click below.

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