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The Gatekeeper at Temple Dark Books

A Brief History of Phase One

Temple Dark Books was drawn from the primordial ooze and shaped into tangible form in August 2020 of your human timeline, and has since published the work(s) of five authors, starting with Australian Sci-Fi master, Ishmael A. Soledad, and his immersive and original Sha’Kert: End of Night (March 2021). Sha’Kert was received favourably by Publishers’ Weekly and was nominated for a Ditmar award.

The brainchild of Irish SFF author Ronald A. Geobey (Gods of Kiranis, June 2021; Pawns of The Prophet, June 2022; Secrets of The Universe, June 2023), Temple Dark Books signed Irish award-winning playwright and poet, Daniel Wade, helping him shape a short story about the highwayman Joseph Mac Tíre into the brooding and evocative A Land Without Wolves (October 2021). ‘Wolves’ is currently the only historical fiction on our list, but there will be others.

We were also delighted to sign two American authors: our very own ‘master chief’ Tyler E. C. Burnworth, weaving the Military SF tale By Blood Or By Star in three instalments (Redshift, December 2021; Apogee, December 2022; & Totality, forthcoming); and Nick Carlson, author of the ‘Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror’ novels, Hell’s Gulf (August 2022) and The God Tide (October 2023).

For our Channel The Dark project, we released Vol. 1 of the eponymous anthology at a special event in May 2023, focusing on the benefits of writing for mental health. We signed our third Irish author, Gary J. Martin, in early 2023, and we look forward to the release of his Knight of Gaelgara in Phase Two.

All our titles are available across multiple platforms and listed with numerous online retailers, such as Amazon, Waterstones and Barnes & Noble.

We are humbled to have been receiving submissions and queries from many excellent writers since beginning this journey, but we had to close submissions in early 2023. Phase One was a learning process in every sense of the word, and we take what we’ve learned into Phase Two, expecting higher quality books and bonus content. Read on…

A Brief Look Forward to Phase Two

As with most independent publishers nowadays, we began our journey on POD (print-on-demand) platforms, attracted by the ease of access and (deceptively) low production overheads. POD platforms have become so successful that many major publishers use them to maintain ‘zero inventory’ models – so, zero losses with no overstock. The problems with POD platforms are numerous, however, and so we’ve been looking towards a more traditional approach.

For Vol. 1 of our Channel The Dark anthology, we used a digital printers in the south of Ireland, with impressive results. However, for what we have in mind for Knight of Gaelgara and beyond, we have contacted litho printers here in Ireland and in the U.K. – we want something really special that digital printing currently can’t offer. And we hope to include with the initial run of books some bonus collectibles that will add to what we’re confident will be an enjoyable reading experience.

Temple Dark Books is entirely funded by Ronald A. Geobey, with no aid from any government body or arts organisation, but Phase Two will require a single cash injection greater than any to date, and we are exploring our options.

For Phase Two, we are delighted to welcome Jeanne Fournier – Master Student in Translation and Publishing in Université Lumière, Lyons – as Assistant Editor on internship. She will work primarily on the editing and typesetting of Ishmael A. Soledad’s next release, Death (Book 1 of his Descent trilogy), under the watchful eye of The Gatekeeper.

Alongside this work, we will be revisiting all our Phase One titles, with a view to improving their interiors, making them more readable and attractive. This is something we’ve wanted to for a long time now, and we’re particularly looking forward to revisiting Sha’Kert: End of Night in this regard. Where suitable, some titles will feature extra content, such as Dramatis Personae in the complex Kiranis novels. Forewords will be added to the Kiranis books, helping readers to better understand this ambitious project. Hardbacks are also planned.

Daniel’s A Land Without Wolves will feature biographies of the historical characters encountered in the book, while we plan to include relevant maps of the eighteenth-century landscape. We also aim to produce Wolves in a hardback, but we have no timeline on that yet.

Following the completion of Tyler’s By Blood Or By Star trilogy, we will consider new covers more evocative of the space opera feel of this exciting story. Given that the trilogy explores the ‘Blood’ or ‘Star’ path of a secret organisation, it may be possible to offer variant covers, allowing readers to choose their own path.

The plan for Nick Carlson’s two novels set in Hell’s Gulf is to bring them together in one physical volume. This is likely to bring us into 2025; and readers may even expect a third novel from Nick in the meantime – a standalone with a spine-chilling premise that we’re eager to sink our teeth into.

We very much want to delve into the world of audiobooks, but time and expense has kept us from this venture. Rest assured, however, that work goes on behind the scenes.

This page will be updated as Phase Two progresses, and we will announce any new activity in our newsletter. Be sure to join our mailing list for these updates and more.

Until then, be well, humans. While you still can.

The Gatekeeper

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