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Pawns of The Prophet Phase One Cover

First Impressions Count

How many times have you previewed a book online and felt your stomach turn as you see everything from spelling mistakes to badly formatted paragraphs? No? Just us? Well, anyway, ask yourself if someone might think the same of your book? Does it really look the best it can be? Did you press that 'submit' button without getting someone else's opinion? For shame!

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We'll take it from here...

At this stage, we've seen it all - from armies of tabs and hard returns to mismatched typefaces and font sizes; from unintelligible punctuation points to misunderstood tenses and aspects. We've even encountered misspelled protagonists and characters who never age adorning the pages of books never scrutinized outside a close circle of friends and family too concerned about hurting your feelings to point out all your mistakes. Phew! That was a long sentence with insufficient punctuation - there must be someone who can take care of that...

If you want readers to take your work seriously, you need an experienced and objective eye (perhaps even more than one) to bring it up to the standards expected by discerning readers. In a world where increasingly 'entitled' people seem to want everything for nothing, you can't expect your potential readers to pay for a book that you didn't care enough about to invest in. Sure, you've put in the time, the blood, sweat and tears - you worked damn hard! - so why be complacent now? Your work deserves to be treated better than that.

What will we do for you?

Well, we're glad you asked. You see, Asmodeus is a discerning​ creature, with a nose for literary subterfuge, incoherence and chaos. He also likes things to be just right. He'll begin by running a bath and lighting some candles and...oh, wait, that's a different service. You want your book prepared for publication. Ah, yes, here it is...

  • First things first - a structured read-through, mapping out your book chapter by chapter and ensuring cohesion and coherence, linear progression and clarity of thought. The big stuff like character arcs and plot development, challenges and resolutions.

  • Then there's the closer look, line by line, word by word - do you like words for the sake of words? Do you need that cumbersome adverb (don't worry, we don't hate them completely - see?) or that repeating dialogue tag? No? Well, don't you worry your pretty head, we'll get rid of it.

  • Thirdly, the proofreading, checking not only for grammar and spelling, but also for factual details and the credibility of fictional devices in their context.

But wait - we're not done!

With all of the editing and proofreading done, we're ready for typesetting and formatting. We'll set your heading styles and typefaces, ensuring clarity and navigation issues for e-Books, and a great aesthetic for your printed books. Page numbering next, and ensuring paragraphs finish where they're supposed to on each page​. In your e-Book, we'll edit HTML code if necessary, before providing you with a PDF and EPUB of your title. A print-ready PDF will also come your way for your printed book, set to your specifications (sizes for paperback or hardcover).

Following all of this sterling work, we'll get a proof copy printed for our final reading (included in the price - see below), because there's nothing better than holding the book in one's hand if you really want to catch the errors. We'll even send this proof copy to you when we're finished with it!

Is this all too good to be true? "Am I dreaming?", we hear you say. Well, maybe, but it's a good one.

How much will your peace of mind cost?

What a coincidence - we were​ just about to tell you. Well, my dear authors, you can open your eyes now - you're still in the room! Now, we've done our homework on this, and we've seen the hidden charges and the add-ons and the "Oh, you wanted the spelling and grammar checked as well as the structure and development? Why didn't you say so?" - not on our watch. Instead of charging you for separate services you know you're going to need anyway, we've set a flat per word rate that covers it all.

Editing, Proofreading (+ FREE Proof Copy), Typesetting, Formatting (+ HTML editing if required), PDF of e-Book and Print Book, EPUB of e-Book (other formats on request). All for only €0.015 per word!!!

Wait...that can't be right. Who's responsible for these figures? That's absolute madness! But I suppose it's the right kind of madness. And, after all, that's what we're all about here at Temple Dark Studios. Come to us.


Booking form coming soon. In the meantime, track Asmodeus down on the e-mail address provided.

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