Our Dark Services

Welcome to the darkness, dear humans. Explore here what we have to offer your lost soul.

Our publishing services are neither 'vanity' nor 'hybrid', so we do not invite queries regarding paid publication services. Specially selected through our submissions process, our titles spoke to us when we first encountered them. Since then, we have developed them into literary treats to whet your voracious appetite. There are more still to come, of course, and you can keep appraised of our news by becoming a (Dis)Member. Return to the Home Page and join our mailing list, if you dare.

Our TD Studios are manned by Asmodeus The Efficient, and he does indeed offer services for those who choose another path. We have many things to offer, from original artwork to unique videos; and there will soon be an Author Website service for those of you less technically astute. Don't fret...we don't judge.

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We publish selected works from talented authors, with a traditional model to benefit our clients.


Our in-house Creator Creatures are here to pander to your every need.