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Kiranis Book 2


A century has passed since the Cage event, with millions of people taken to the planet Kiranis.​


With the Shield around Earth nearing completion, its enigmatic architects are about to make themselves known.

Powerful men are in control of Kwaios technology, overseeing the destiny of humankind.

But the great transport system called MEC is a monumental lie, and the Kwaios have had a hundred years to set their trap.

Guided by the Prophet Naveen, one man is in the centre of a star-spanning scheme that will shift the balance of power forever.

But he is only one man.


"This, the second volume in Geobey's multiverse-straddling epic, propels the reader deeper into the machinations and minds of his chief protagonists, their worlds, and the forces that drive them. Things are never as they seem, each layer a prelude to others, every climax a beginning. With Geobey you must expect the unexpected, embrace detail that informs the big picture, and revel in the twilight between science fiction and fantasy. Alternating between the reflective and rapid-paced, twisting action, Pawns of the Prophet is a wonderful follow-on to Gods of Kiranis.

But be warned. What you thought you knew as true is, like Naveen himself, illusory at best; simply another lie at worst."
Ishmael A. Soledad

"...a huge revenge plot...Geobey kicks your expectations out the window...I loved the Abigale-Hannah subplot...[t]he outcome is as heartbreaking as it is astonishing, and Geobey's penchant for interrelated plot lines keeps things tight and demands that you pay attention to otherwise throwaway details. No wasted exposition or dialogue, everything meaningful and subliminal....[f]rom emotionally charged death scenes to spectacular outer space action that screams big screen, this second volume of Kiranis will be opened again next year, in preparation for Book 3. Keep it coming." Goodreads Reviewer

"You cannot read Pawns of the Prophet without first reading Gods of Kiranis, regardless of what anybody else might tell you. Even with a century of change, without the fossilized footprint a reader is not only missing out on the entire premise, but they are also missing out on the exemplary critical first book of a series that is religiously plotted and planned by author Ronald A. Geobey.


As a person who is the first generation of a people born free of a formerly colonized land, I most connected with Arrien Echad, even when he has been effectively forgotten about and is more of an urban legend than a real person. As a father, Abigale’s character arc cut most deeply and there is no end to that pain. This is compounded by Samuel’s mental health issues where he is consumed by fear of death, so the staunch resistance to progeny while another’s is callously used is fascinating in the degree of irony here. Geobey writes with skill and authority. There are no loopholes and it is clean and meticulous in every conceivable way. The science fiction is on point and the fantasy elements [dragons!] coexist brilliantly. I’m hooked and just so pleased with this series...and impatient for book three. Very, very highly recommended." Asher Syed, for Readers’ Favorite

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