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Kiranis Book 2


A century has passed since the Cage event, with millions of people taken to the planet Kiranis.​


With the Shield around Earth nearing completion, its enigmatic architects are about to make themselves known.

Powerful men are in control of Kwaios technology, overseeing the destiny of humankind.

But the great transport system called MEC is a monumental lie, and the Kwaios have had a hundred years to set their trap.

Guided by the Prophet Naveen, one man is in the centre of a star-spanning scheme that will shift the balance of power forever.

But he is only one man.

Official Trailer

Return to Kiranis and Explore this Existential Mystery

The Argo ploughed the darkness in which stars would grow...

Whereas a standard QUIC engine collected its fuel on a quantum level as the vessel moved through space – its hordes of bots processing a theoretically endless supply of energy – the pulsing and swirling sphere of multi-coloured lights in the centre of the Argo was the effect of the undulating waves of mirror-cased bots obscuring the true heart of the operation. It was suicide to investigate closer, a determination not unfounded. As captain, however, Abigale was necessarily privy to its secrets. She knew that the engine of the Argo was one of a kind, but it was not the only thing on view as the elevator rose higher, allowing Abigale to look down upon it. The internal walls of the inner corridor-run of every deck could be seen, as well as the scores of elevator cars and lines. Hundreds of robotic automatons with various duties moved around the weightless interior, their mag-drive propulsion systems humming amidst the glow and pulse of the engine. Abigale loved this sight, the inner workings of the ship. It reminded her of the doll she once took apart as a child, much to the frustration of her father. As she sat in her room amidst the pieces, she had looked up at him sweetly and explained, ‘I wanted to see how she cried.’

Pawns of The Prophet Phase Two Paperback Front Cover
Pawns of The Prophet Phase Two Paperback Back Cover

Ordering Information

FORMAT: Trade Paperback

RELEASE: Jul 1 2024


DIMENSIONS: 228 x 152 x 32

ISBN: 978-1-7384676-6-2

PGS: 496

RRP: €17.99/£15.99

Monster Librarian of the most unique sci-fi sagas ever written...the scale of the story has widened further into the galaxy...there really isn’t anything out there like this, and the journey’s barely yourself a favor and take a chance on the series: epics like this are rare and deserve a look.
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