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Kiranis Book 3
Secrets Of The Universe - Kiranis Book 3 by Ronald A. Geobey


Aboard the stolen Absolution flagship, Icarus, Philip Arthur seeks revenge against the unseen prophet-killer beyond the Barrier, facing his demons as the ship pierces the void. But Philip Arthur was ever destined to fly too close to the sun…


The Station Master Aphestan is crossing galaxies to find Naveen, and his Cen-Dith army are unlike anything humankind has engaged before. As the sun boils and an unprecedented disaster threatens Earth, the timing could not be worse.


When the Barrier is crossed and a great deceit dissolves, the twin empires of humankind will know humility; while on Kiranis, as a familiar power moves towards the return of the Great Black Dragon…


…the secrets of the Universe are finally laid bare.


"Threads from Gods of Kiranis and Pawns of the Prophet are teased out and woven into an increasingly intricate plot, where alliances are not quite what they seem, and each character wears more than one mask. The fusion of science fiction and fantasy continues, and is well executed...less rushed and more rounded, containing fewer characters that receive a deeper, more intricate portrayal. The end result is a deeper, richer novel where, although the action is never missing, the characters and their motivations take center stage."

Ishmael A. Soledad, Author of the Descent Trilogy

"As with the first two books in his Kiranis series, Ronald Geobey provides a beautiful representation of even the least likable antagonists with descriptions in action and thought by multiple point-of-view characters. The social structure has expanded and the last human colonies, along with the imminent danger posed from several angles, keep the tension streaming through each page. The novel is a beast in size but is remarkably easy to get through. As I would normally have to in epic science fiction, I did take a few notes but it turned out that I did not really need them this time. There are fantasy elements that will delight hybrid-loving readers, including the god-like Naveen, portals, and the mother of all fantasy creatures, dragons. The hunting of the prophets is significant but more compelling is the reason why, the drive to preserve what they know and control what the prophets keep hidden, and the cat and mouse chases that transcend time and galaxies. The writing is exceptional and, just as with the previous books, there is no stopping the bullet train excitement of Kiranis, nor would I wish there to be. Very highly recommended."

Asher Syed, for RF Review


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