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Pieces of Kiranis

Welcome to the expansion of the Kiranis Universe.

While some of these 'pieces' are - or will be, as this section expands - standalone tales inspired by or tangential to Kiranis, others will be integral to the plot. Where they are integral, they were either deemed extraneous to the volumes to which they ostensibly relate, or they were simply offered up as literary sacrifices to whet the appetites of voracious readers.


Read the preceding notes before clicking the button to add your FREE ePub download to the cart. There is no catch here, but you should know that reading these pieces out of context or without familiarising yourself with their background will potentially spoil any surprises the author has in store for you.

1: The Barrier

This ‘piece’ takes up the story almost immediately after the end of Pawns of The Prophet (Kiranis Book 2), so be warned, you will ruin many of the surprises in store for you. If you don’t know who Kai Tzedek, Sam Vawter, or Harriet Messina are, you’re not ready for this yet. This piece is also referenced in Secrets of The Universe (Book 3), so it is no mere passing fancy.

2: Hypatia

This ‘piece’, which you might consider an ‘origin story’ for a major character, contains minor references to events in Pawns of The Prophet (Kiranis Book 2) as well as contextual references for Secrets of The Universe (Book 3), and while it can be enjoyed as a standalone piece, the author strongly urges you to wait until after Book 3 to read it, so that you at least enjoy the reveal up to which it builds. The choice, as always, is yours.

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