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By Blood Or By Star is a Military Sci-Fi Trilogy that will set the galaxy on fire.

Humanity's manifest destiny to control the galaxy was thwarted by a devastating event known as The Collision - an attack that left millions of humans dead and young Abraham Zeeben burning for revenge.

The veneer of an ecumenical interstellar society begins to crack as the revenge campaign against the riskar, perpetrators of The Collision, leads to the discovery of an ancient war between two factions of humanity vying for control of the galaxy's most powerful military - with Abraham mysteriously at the center of it all.

Abraham's future, and the future of the galaxy, depends on uncovering the origins of his mysterious heritage.

Redshift by Tyler Burnworth Full Cover


The Shadow Man was there when Milune was destroyed...

Tyler Burnworth's pulse-pounding and immersive Military SF thriller lulls us into a false sense of security as we follow Abraham's lust for revenge following the death of his mother and the destruction of his world. We see the camaraderie of basic training, the war games, the fight to come...and then Burnworth pulls the pin and leaves us holding the grenade, realising we're in the midst of an epic plot we didn't see coming.

Apogee by Tyler E. C. Burnworth


You wanted more - you got more!

It wasn't enough for Burnworth to destroy a planet and throw us headlong into an intergalactic war. he tells us that everything we thought we knew about the Riskar War and the attack on Milune is wrong. We meet Detective Djet Rincon, tough and streetwise but completely unprepared for the truths she's about to uncover as she searches for Abraham Zeeben. And Abraham...? Well, he's off with a secret organization being trained for a conflict that'll make the Riskar War seem like a day at the fair.


So, what are you waiting for, maggots? Gather up your gear and charge that CLR! And tell your mom you might not make it home for supper!

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