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Meet Ishmael, Australian author of High Concept Sci-Fi

Ishmael lives with his wife in Brisbane in Australia. He's been writing since 1996, with many short and flash fiction published prior to approaching Temple Dark Books with his debut novel, Sha'Kert: End of Night. In this multi-perspective first-person POV, Ishmael's writing is genuine and heartfelt, insightful and raw. He weaves a tale of desperation, isolation, separation and – ultimately – discovery that manages to comment on the ills and obligation of modern society while screaming at us to find our own reason for living.


Sha'Kert: End of Night was well received by Publishers' Weekly, and was nominated for the prestigious Ditmar Award by none other than Ion Newcombe, the editor and publisher of Antipodean SF, Australia's longest running online speculative flash fiction magazine. Ishmael has been interviewed on  the Australian Book Lovers podcast (linked below), and an extract from Sha'Kert: End of Night was featured in the Canadian webzine, The Quarantine Review (linked below). You can also see him speak about Sha'Kert: End of Night in the video at the end of this page.

Ishmael's highly anticipated SF trilogy, Descent, will launch in 2024, with the first instalment, Death (sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with its progress). His short and flash fiction titles to date are available in two compilations, Hawking Radiation & Sex and the Single Cosmonaut; or together as one hardcover omnibus entitled Time in Lieu. You can find these titles on Amazon here.

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