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Acolytes of The Gatekeeper

Ronald A. Geobey, Director of Temple Dark Books

Ronald A. Geobey

Director & Chief Editor

The man behind the curtain, Ronald is responsible for everything except original artwork. This is because he always copied from others in school, and can't be trusted with a paintbrush.

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Jeanne Fournier

Assistant Editor

A fan of heavy metal and not paying attention in class, Jeanne is the perfect addition to our dark cadre. Currently a Master Student in Translation & Publishing, Jeanne is proof that they'll let anyone on to Master's programs these days.

Jeanne Fournier Photo
Claire Allen Photo

Claire Allen

Submissions Reader & Assistant Editor

From that small backwater continent across the Atlantic that no one talks about, this human has a medley of interests and night owl tendencies. To test the structural integrity of her bookshelves, she's currently a Master student of Literature & Publishing.

SF, Fantasy & Horror Art

Our Dark Goddess of the Imagination brings our authors' visions to life with each cover she creates. That she might take their vision in recompense is a matter entirely beyond our control.

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Eugen Baitinger Photo

Sci-Fi & Horror Art

Our Master of the Machine keeps the world turning with his megastructures and Military SF vision. He has some darker ideas, but they're in a vault with the part of his brain that came up with them.

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Florin Safner

Fantasy Map Design

From Romania to Venezuela, this Symphonic Cellist and Antiquated Artist is lost somewhere in the past. But his cartographic skills aid him in his search for the present.

Aksson City of Coral
The Gatekeeper Character Image

The Gatekeeper


He is All. He is One. He is...stuck in traffic between dimensions. But he'll be here when the invasion begins. We promise.

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