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Acolytes of The Gatekeeper

Ronald A. Geobey, Director of Temple Dark Books

Ronald A. Geobey

Director & Chief Editor

The man behind the curtain, Ronald is responsible for everything except original artwork. This is because he always copied from others in school, and can't be trusted with a paintbrush.

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Bekka Bjorke

SF, Fantasy & Horror Art

Our Dark Goddess of the Imagination brings our authors' visions to life with each cover she creates. That she might take their vision in recompense is a matter entirely beyond our control.

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Eugen Baitinger

Sci-Fi & Horror Art

Our Master of the Machine keeps the world turning with his megastructures and Military SF vision.

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The Gatekeeper


He is All. He is One. He is...stuck in traffic between dimensions. But he'll be here when the invasion begins. We promise.

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