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By Blood Or By Star Book 2
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Longarm Detective Djet Rincon struggles to follow in her father’s footsteps as a manhunt for a missing Marine unfolds amidst the murky world of intergalactic politics and off-the-books ops.


But the Marine she seeks is Abraham Zeeben, whose righteous grievances are turned on their head as he trains under the auspices of the elusive Ghost Society.


Scattered across the worlds of the Human Collective are the Pathfinders, embracing biotech augmentation and a contentious post-human ideology. They are the true enemy; their words are a call to arms.


While both Djet and Abraham grapple with the secrets of their respective families, they are set upon fractious paths, their fates inexorably intertwined with the machinations of the Pathfinders.


And a greater war looms.

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“Wow! Lots of intrigue and an undercurrent of political meddling, but Burnworth keeps this firmly on the ground in terms of character engagement. A slow-burn on one side, a rapid immersion into conspiracy on the other, and all the while anticipating the merging of these kindred elements. Some great surprises and the sort of emotional investment I wouldn't generally associate with this genre. Highly descriptive environments, fully-realised motivations and the sort of kick-ass action we've come to expect from Burnworth. The most fun you can have with your clothes on and a blaster of some kind...or so I'm told...Bring on Book 3!

Ronald A. Geobey, Author of Pawns of The Prophet

“…the perfect book for fans of dystopian stories with relatable characters…full of espionage, discovery, and suspense…intense attention to detail on the various planets, buildings, and spacecraft…[e]very moment was easy to envision. The vivid inner perspectives of Abraham and Djet displayed their strengths and faults. The Ghost Society and the Pathfinders were both rogue units of the Human Collective, and I was so engrossed in the story that the cliffhanger ending shocked me. I am eager to read the sequel to get answers.”

Stephanie Chapman, Readers' Favorite 5-Star Review

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