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Sha'Kert End of Night 5-Star Review

"...inventive...intriguing...full of imaginative ideas and rich characters..."

Publishers' Weekly

"A well-crafted fascinating story, of love, of conflicts, of courage, resilience, and of the unquenchable curiosity to explore..."

Readers' Favorite 5-Star Review

"...a captivating story...the Amish arc was fascinating...a novel that makes you think all over the place...I was left a little bereft by its ending, but only because I didn't want it to finish. I highly recommend it, and it's a book you'll devour in a few days, due to its pace and style."

Ronald A. Geobey, Author of Gods of Kiranis

"...drew me in and kept my interest from the very beginning...characters are well defined and can easily be is excellent...the writing was exceptional..."

Goodreads Reviewer

"I was taken with the main characters and wanted to keep reading to find out more about them. I was also engrossed in the world building [sic] and taken with how and what 'Sha'Kert' is."

Goodreads Reviewer

Sha'Kert_ End of Night Cover.png

A Heartfelt and Mesmerizing Sci-Fi Drama

Greg and Lou learn that their daughter has a terminal illness. In their desperation, they make a deal from which there is no return. When their crimes are exposed, their world is turned upside down.


Henry wants nothing more than to leave his Amish community behind, even as their land is under threat; their traditions under fire; and their faith faces its greatest test. But his mother is his world - where she goes, so too will he.


Circumstances bring these two worlds together - a family banished to the edge of the galaxy; a community praying for a new life and the re-orientation of their destiny.


But when fate abandons them to an uncharted, inhospitable planet, some struggle for survival while others embrace the opportunity to explore this strange new world. Relationships are tested, beliefs are tried and emotions are pushed to the limit.

Yet Sha'Kert has a place for all.


Ishmael's writing is genuine and heartfelt, insightful and raw. He weaves a tale of desperation, isolation, separation and - ultimately - discovery that manages to comment on the ills and obligations of modern society while screaming at us to find our own reason for living. We are indeed privileged to have such a gem for our debut publication.

- TG


Sha'Kert: End of Night was featured in this wonderful issue of The Quarantine Review, a Canadian literary magazine. Visit them here


Ishmael lives with his wife in Brisbane, Australia, and has been writing since 1996. He has published two collections of Science Fiction shorts - Hawking Radiation and Sex and the Single Cosmonaut - as well as more than 50 other Science Fiction stories in such volumes as Aphelion, Antipodean SF, Far Cry Magazine, Planet Magazine, Schlock! Webzine, and Unrealpolitik.

You can find him on Twitter @Ishmael_Soledad or through his website,

Ishmael A. Soledad Profile Pic


Sha'Kert: End of Night Cover Art

The wonderful cover art behind this page (and above) was produced by our Creator Creature, Gaia.


Provided with concept sketches and descriptions by Ishmael, Gaia interpreted the author's vision beautifully:

  • A mystery figure stands to the left at a row of deckchairs

  • In the rippling water to the right, the 'threeship' and silhouettes of central characters (Menno, Lou, and Pen) are reflected

  • Above this entrancing scene, the enigmatic 'pearl' hangs in the dark sky.

You can see the development process on Gaia's dedicated TDStudios page by clicking the button below.


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