Dark Historical Musings in 18th Century Ireland

In the midst of rebellion are legends wrought, and Mogue Trench knows of a tale never told. What better time to relay it than as the rope awaits.

The Highwayman Joseph Mac Tíre knows of hardship - at the hands of Redcoats and Republicans alike - so Ireland's political struggle has less appeal than mentoring an orphan in the ways of the underworld.

Yet the world has a way of catching up to men whose hearts know only darkness - men who hunt, and kill, and howl in rage.

But sooner or later, they howl no more.

Daniel’s writing is poetry in motion, historical and socio-political introspection at play with adventure within and speculation on a somewhat esoteric (and often misrepresented) spatial and temporal landscape.

This tale of a highwayman refusing to bend to the will of partisan political action and questioning the motivations of the players involved is perhaps relevant in many contemporary contexts. Amidst the unfolding tale are many points of reflection worth taking on board.

- TG

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“...vividly and poetically evokes the strange and contradictory world of late 18th-century Ireland...delving into a criminal underworld of thievery, brothels and secret societies alongside philosophical and political musings...a novel highly attuned to its historical context in both its sentences and its understanding of what was possible, ‘thinkable’, at the time.”

Claire Hennessy, Author of Like Other Girls

“…instantly enjoyable...an immersive experience...[t]he phraseology is constantly beguiling...an extraordinary debut from a contemporary writer…” Peter O'Neill, Poet, Translator, Editor, & Critic

“…a compelling way to present a period of Irish history filled with darkness and heartbreak; MacTíre [is] a constantly engaging persona…a character who refuses the call of both sides…” RF 5-Star Review