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2021 NYC Big Book Award Winner SF Category Gods of Kiranis
Gods of Kiranis 5-Star Readers' Favorite

"The pace is fast…packed with action…merges fantasy with science fiction in an intricate plot...[t]he background building is intense, the plot is complex, and the characters are realistic...a series to keep an eye on." RF 5-Star Review

"...explanations are [sharp]...characters are [...] alive...the pace is [...] fast...and the rationale behind the connecting plots [is] structured. Strong characters both male and female - refreshingly strong female characters, actually. All in all, highly recommended." Goodreads Reviewer

"The premise is new, the setting intricate, with the action and twists in the plot continuous, unexpected, and engaging. Elements of science fiction and fantasy that you may think you are familiar with are given new nuance, with a host of characters and species that will leave you wanting more." Ishmael A. Soledad, Author of Sha'Kert: End of Night

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A Universe Awakens

A mysterious structure encompasses Earth, and while the Church of the New Elect prepares for communion with the Sentience, a dark and distant world is reborn.

Making an alliance with a powerful and enigmatic species, humankind is brought to a terrible realisation: they do not belong in this universe.


Cassandra Messina was warned these days would come, and she believes God is on her side.


But the one who speaks from the shadows is not a god at all.

Not even close.


Ronald builds a universe and populates it with characters - human and alien - of familiar proclivities and relatable ambitions. Of both darkness and light he writes, blurring the gray areas of morality amidst an unfolding chaos of galactic proportions.

The Kiranis series is big and bold, with underlying philosophies and dark insights intricately woven into an epic Space Opera. Merging Science Fiction tropes with Fantasy staples, Ronald weaves an epic story that redefines and reinvigorates both genres.

- TG



The Cage

This intricate design was produced by our Creator Creature, The Structuralist.

Ronald provided sketches of sections and described the major junctions in 'the Cage' in terms of the famous 'Stepped Pyramid' of Saqqara, Egypt. With his grand vision, The Structuralist topped off this wonderfully detailed construction with the 'array' section at the north pole, as described in the book.

The development process and a surprise image can be seen on The Structuralist's dedicated TDStudios page. Click below.



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