Temple Dark Books are proud to bring Ronald A. Geobey's Kiranis to the market, starting with the first book in the series, Gods of Kiranis.

The Kiranis series is big and bold, with underlying philosophies and dark insights intricately woven into an epic Space Opera-esque saga. Merging Science Fiction tropes with Fantasy staples, Ronald weaves an epic story that redefines and reinvigorates both genres. Editing is underway and we anticipate launch by Q2, 2021, at the latest.

Ronald has degrees in Ancient History, and Theology; as well as a Ph.D. in Ancient Near Eastern Studies. He is a fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, and Battlestar Galactica; as well as a reader of Heroic Fantasy from the likes of David Gemmell, David Eddings, and Raymond E. Feist.

He lives with his wife, two daughters, and his Shichon, Monty, in Ireland, and has been writing since 1991. You can find him on Twitter @Ronald_A_Geobey



The Cage

This intricate design, which will feature on the covers of Gods of Kiranis, was produced by our Creator Creature, The Structuralist.

Ronald provided sketches of sections and described the major junctions in the 'the cage' in terms of the famous 'Stepped Pyramid' of Saqqara, Egypt. With his grand vision, The Structuralist topped off this wonderfully detailed construction with the 'array' section at the north pole, as described in the book.

The development process and a surprise image can be seen on The Structuralist's dedicated TDStudios page. Click below.



A Universe Awakens

A mysterious structure encompasses Earth, and while the Church of the New Elect awaits communion with the Sentience, a distant planet is rising from the dead.

Making an alliance with a powerful species, Humankind comes to a terrible realisation - they do not belong in this universe.

Cassandra Messina was warned these days would come, and she believes God is on her side.

But the one who speaks from the shadows is not a god at all. Not even close.



A Universe Brought to Life


by The Dimensional

Here we see a member of the fearsome Kwaios Council, offering a communication cube and its secrets therein. It hurts to hear the Kwaios speak; but when they know so much about this strange universe, it helps to listen.


by The Dimensional

Naveen is a mystery. Some think him a god, others that he can see the future. Every species can agree on one thing - when he shows up, trouble follows. And yet his own troubles are so much more.


by The Dimensional

Councillor Messina is an influential woman, so much so that she forces an alliance with the warlike Jaevisk Society. But what the universe has in store for her is far from an enviable end.


by The Dimensional

Absolution is a hybrid AI, and through them passes all information. We don't meet them until Book 3 of Kiranis.

You can find more of The Dimensional's work by clicking the button below

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