Pawns of The Prophet by Ronald A. Geobey

The Kwaios Are Here

A century has passed since the Cage event, with millions of people taken to the planet Kiranis.


With the Shield around Earth nearing completion, its enigmatic architects are about to make themselves known.

Powerful men are in control of Kwaios technology, overseeing the destiny of humankind.

But the great transport system called MEC is a monumental lie, and the Kwaios have had a hundred years to set their trap.

Guided by the Prophet Naveen, one man is in the centre of a star-spanning scheme that will shift the balance of power forever.

But he is only one man.



The Argo ploughed the darkness in which stars would grow...

Pawns of The Prophet is the second instalment of the 7-Part epic Science Fantasy series Kiranis, continuing the machinations of the Prophet Naveen.

Expanding the Kiranis universe, Pawns of The Prophet introduces us to new species, new worlds, and new concepts underpinning this unique journey.


"This, the second volume in Geobey's multiverse-straddling epic, propels the reader deeper into the machinations and minds of his chief protagonists, their worlds, and the forces that drive them. Things are never as they seem, each layer a prelude to others, every climax a beginning. With Geobey you must expect the unexpected, embrace detail that informs the big picture, and revel in the twilight between science fiction and fantasy. Alternating between the reflective and rapid-paced, twisting action, Pawns of the Prophet is a wonderful follow-on to Gods of Kiranis.

But be warned. What you thought you knew as true is, like Naveen himself, illusory at best; simply another lie at worst."
Ishmael A. Soledad


"The pace is fast…packed with action…merges fantasy with science fiction in an intricate plot...[t]he background building is intense, the plot is complex, and the characters are realistic...a series to keep an eye on." RF 5-Star Review

"...explanations are [sharp]...characters are [...] alive...the pace is [...] fast...and the rationale behind the connecting plots [is] structured. Strong characters both male and female - refreshingly strong female characters, actually. All in all, highly recommended." Goodreads Reviewer

"The premise is new, the setting intricate, with the action and twists in the plot continuous, unexpected, and engaging. Elements of science fiction and fantasy that you may think you are familiar with are given new nuance, with a host of characters and species that will leave you wanting more." Ishmael A. Soledad, Author of Sha'Kert: End of Night

"The plot is intricate and the complexities only serve to focus the mind on this devilishly clever fusing of time-travel, religion, relics of the past, and science fiction. I was constantly surprised by the twists and turns in this amazing tale, and this kept me reading until the very end." Goodreads Reviewer