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Kiranis Book 3


Aboard the stolen Absolution flagship, Icarus, Philip Arthur seeks revenge against the unseen prophet-killer beyond the Barrier, facing his demons as the ship pierces the void. But Philip Arthur was ever destined to fly too close to the sun…


The Station Master Aphestan is crossing galaxies to find Naveen, and his Cen-Dith army are unlike anything humankind has engaged before. As the sun boils and an unprecedented disaster threatens Earth, the timing could not be worse.


When the Barrier is crossed and a great deceit dissolves, the twin empires of humankind will know humility; while on Kiranis, as a familiar power moves towards the return of the Great Black Dragon…


…the secrets of the Universe are finally laid bare.

Official Trailer

Welcome All who Seek Absolution...

The armies of Aphestan are closing in...

Perhaps this had been one of Yln’s kills, one of the many he had dismembered when last the Cursed Jump had been boarded by the enemy. But it was impossible to say, for these Cen-Dith – vanguard of the Station Master Aphestan – all looked the same. These formidable soldiers of a mysterious god were made of metal, with six semi-autonomous appendages centred upon their head section, the one now glaring at Yln through his cell window. Yln held its glare for some time, as his heart slowed and he relaxed again. The great cold of space kept these prisoners of war from reforming, and they had been broken apart and spread randomly around the hull of the warship like a vast display of trophies. It would take a long time for them to solidify, and experience what the Jaevisk presumed was their equivalent of death, so the warship was protected by a shield of living Cen-Dith warriors, whose bodies always held out for some time against the onslaught of their kin. Content in this ironic protection from the greatest enemy the Jaevisk had ever known, Yln drifted off to sleep. His home was a fleet of two hundred warships sailing the Resounding Sea in an alien galaxy, with living Cen-Dith fused to their hulls. The captive aliens watched the blackness for any sign of rescue…their arms flailing…their eyes unblinking…

Secrets of The Universe Phase Two Paperback Front Cover
Secrets of The Universe Phase Two Paperback Back Cover

Ordering Information

FORMAT: Trade Paperback

RELEASE: Jul 1 2024


DIMENSIONS: 228 x 152 x 32

ISBN: 978-1-7384676-7-9

PGS: 504

RRP: €17.99/£15.99

Asher Syed, for RF Review

There are fantasy elements that will delight hybrid-loving readers, including the god-like Naveen, portals, and the mother of all fantasy creatures, and mouse chases that transcend time and galaxies...there is no stopping the bullet train excitement of Kiranis...
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