(Projected) General Release End 2021. Not final cover.


A Military Sci-Fi with a Twist

The Shadow Man was there when Milune was destroyed, wielding a power that ordinary folk should not behold. But frightened children are rarely believed.

With Abraham’s mother dead, his father tries desperately to build his sons a new life on a new world. There are friends, enemies, romances, and the usual embarrassments of teenage years. But Abraham dreams only of revenge – against the vile Riskar, destroyers of Milune.

Enamored by tales of the great campaign against the Riskar, Abraham signs up, the realities of war and the dynamics of camaraderie molding a simple farmboy into a deadly and intuitive soldier.

But there are truths still to emerge, and The Shadow Man is no longer the distant memory of a frightened child. Nor does he hover at the edges of Abraham’s dark dreams.

In fact, he is much closer than Abraham could have imagined.



Military Sci-Fi Thriller

Tyler grew up in the Ohio village of Oak Harbor with three baby sisters, a military father and a supportive mother. At age 17, he wrangled his father into signing the early release form to join the Air Force, and his life has never been the same.


For Tyler, writing has always been there, and he completed five novels prior to the inception of Redshift. With a Master of Arts in Fiction Writing, his perspective on the craft has evolved since the halcyon days of many an abandoned tale.


Countless stories and characters have steered Tyler through the best and worst times of his life, and it is now his goal to convey such inspiration to the world.


Tyler lives with his lovely wife and 'Irish' twins (14 months apart!) in the Nevada desert, just beyond the shadow of the most secure - and obscure - military base in the world: Area 51.

We assure you, however, that Tyler most certainly exists; and he and his work are most welcome additions to Temple Dark Books, Publishers of Science Fiction.

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