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a Military Sci-Fi with a Twist

The Shadow Man was there when Milune was destroyed, wielding a power that ordinary folk should not behold. But frightened children are rarely believed.


With Abraham’s mother dead, his father tries desperately to build his sons a new life on a new world. There are friends, enemies, romances, and the usual embarrassments of teenage years. But Abraham dreams only of revenge – against the vile riskar, destroyers of Milune.

Enamored by tales of the great campaign against the riskar, Abraham signs up, the realities of war and the dynamics of camaraderie molding a simple farmboy into a deadly and intuitive soldier.

But there are truths still to emerge, and The Shadow Man is no longer the distant memory of a frightened child. Nor does he hover at the edges of Abraham’s dark dreams.


In fact, he is much closer than Abraham could have imagined.

Tyler writes with an awareness of the human psyche, the surface humility of his work at the same time belying and complementing the sophistication of its emotional undercurrent.


Redshift is a tale of loss and the need for vengeance, but it is also a coming-of-age drama of a young man finding himself adrift in an uncaring universe while he lives, loves, and fights for what he believes to be right.


 - TG




"[Redshift] is a banger of a novel. Suave political maneuvering, thrilling action, and entertaining banter amongst soldiers make Redshift a pulsating page-turner that you can't put down."

"With an intricate plot that moves briskly, Burnworth keeps the reader hooked on every page."

"...attention to detail...characters are well-realized [and] thoroughly compelling...

The action scenes are described vividly."

"I would recommend Redshift to anyone who wants an epic sci-fi saga."

rf review

“...a nice change to consider what the ‘grunts’ actually thought and felt…to explore where they came from. Burnworth doesn’t pull any punches…socio-political conditioning…[and] issues of xenophobia and racial prejudice are tackled.


But there's plenty of action to keep […] the reader on course amidst this intriguing plot…you’ll enjoy every gunfight and explosion as you follow the marines through basic and out into the battlefield.


If you liked Starship Troopers or are a fan of the Halo games, you won’t go far wrong with this one. A fun read that’ll leave you eagerly awaiting the next book.”

 Ronald a. Geobey

author of Gods of Kiranis