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Rowan Vane, a wannabe writer with the confidence of a leaf in a hurricane, is on a soul-searching vacation with his damaged family in Hell’s Gulf – a ramshackle, no-horse stain on Florida’s reputation.


You might be forgiven for asking why he’d go there, but forgiveness isn’t much of a commodity amongst the denizens of this godforsaken place – they’ve a bit of an axe to grind.


With a history as dark and pungent as its waters, this bit-too-quiet beach town in the navel of nowhere is patrolled by a delightfully xenophobic sheriff who sees ‘foreign agents’ arriving on every rotten jetty.


This picturesque town boasts abandoned ghostly ruins, unusually amorous sea life, mutant creatures and dastardly deeds that form the stories of the town’s affable alcoholics.


Oh, and something’s been killing the people here for decades.


Yes, folks, Hell’s Gulf really has it all. All you need is a little imagination.


Fortunately, Rowan’s brought his along with all the bells and whistles.


And some fishing tackle.

Official Trailer

Grab your shotgun and a straitjacket and head on down to Hell's Gulf...

Rowan had never expected to find the love of his young life...

Heather took a shuddering breath. “I…I want to show you how special you are to me. How you made me feel, how you reminded me of those good much pleasure I felt back then.”


Rowan stared at her, uncomprehending. She bit her lip. “I want know you, Rowan. In the...the closest way I know how.”


“Oh…” Then it hit him. “Oh!” Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck. His heart exploded into a pulsing electrode, jolting his body with liquid voltage. “ you...I…”


“Rowan, I know a place,” she whispered. “It’s not far from here...I promise. Complete privacy. No one will know, I assure you.” She grabbed his hand. “Please...I want to do this. I know it in my heart.”

Rowan’s mouth was sealed, fearful if he spoke he would emit something unrecognizable as human speech. But he forced his muscles to move, and he nodded. Heather grinned and led him off the road through the shrubs. Rowan’s vision was a green blur, his entire being a churning, primal furnace. Only one lurid thought broke through the lustful brambles in his mind.


Get fucked, Todd Bentley.


Ordering Information

FORMAT: Trade Paperback

RELEASE: Aug 1 2024


DIMENSIONS: 228 x 152 x 32

ISBN: 978-1-0686626-0-7

PGS: 432

RRP: €16.99/£14.99

David Lubar, Author of Hidden Talents

"Nick Carlson has crafted a deep dive into a world of horror filled with well-drawn characters, explosive action, and surprising twists. [His] debut novel is a riveting excursion into a world best visited only in the pages of a book. Hell’s Gulf is wonderfully brought to life in this tale of men and monsters."
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