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Here at Temple Dark Books, we talk about channeling the darkness. This is more than just marketing speak - it's a philosophy in which we truly believe; and it's one in which we want you to engage. "Why on Earth would I want to do that?" we hear you ask. Well, my darklings and (dis)Members, as aficionados of the written word, we know how valuable it can be when it comes to tackling the things that bring us down during the day, or keep us up at night; because articulating our feelings is how we begin to master the darkness, how we begin our journey towards the light.

The Gatekeeper knows how easy it is to hide, but being stuck between dimensions is no way to live a life. In our experience, there is nothing more cathartic than working with the written word. In the confines of our pages we direct destinies; we are gods in our own universes - true puppet-masters of the marionettes who dance their merry dance on the stages of our mind. Through writing we regain control. The Channel The Dark project is about using the written word to help those who find it difficult to articulate their own journey towards the light of which we are all capable, given the right direction and support.


The Channel The Dark project invites writers to speak about their passion for writing, and what it means to them, in the context of benefitting their psychological wellbeing. We will host this talk alongside the counselling staff of SOSAD Ireland, with a view to highlighting the application of (reading and) writing for navigating the journey towards a healthy mind. Professional counselors will speak about how reading and writing benefit our mental health; while professional and upcoming writers will articulate its real world effects by telling us of their own experiences or, indeed, by reading work influenced by those experiences.

The talk will take place alongside the book launch, on May 27th 2023, in the Martello Room, Millmount Museum, Drogheda, and it will be catered by Twenty Twenty Patisserie from Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan. Tickets (FREE) can be found here.


We are delighted to welcome the multi-talented actor, writer, and director Baz Black to the Channel The Dark project. Probably best known in Ireland for playing Ged Delaney in the RTÉ Drama Series, Kin, Baz will speak as our Special Guest at the event and book launch, and he will be promoting his upcoming feature film, 'Dublin Crust'. Click on his photo for more about Baz.

Baz Black - The Channel The Dark Project



Channel The Dark is also the title of an anthology of short stories and poems composed in keeping with the genres we publish. Volume 1 will be officially launched at the event on May 27th 2023, and you can purchase it here. 100% of the income from the E-Book, and profits from the paperback and hardback editions will go to SOSAD Ireland.* If you are interested in contributing to future volumes, please visit the Submissions Page for more details.

*Please be aware that no royalties will issue to contributors for this volume. It is a not-for-profit project.

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