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Issue #1 will benefit SOSAD Ireland. The possibility of association with Mental Health services in other geographical regions will be addressed as the project evolves.

Here at Temple Dark Books, we talk about channeling the darkness. This is more than just marketing speak - it's a philosophy in which we truly believe; and it's one in which we want you to engage. "Why on Earth would I want to do that?" we hear you ask. Well, my darklings and (dis)Members, as aficionados of the written word, we know how valuable it can be when it comes to tackling the things that bring us down during the day, or keep us up at night; because articulating our feelings is how we begin to master the darkness, how we begin our journey towards the light.

The Gatekeeper knows how easy it is to hide, but being stuck between dimensions is no way to live a life. In our experience, there is nothing more cathartic than working with the written word. In the confines of our pages we direct destinies; we are gods in our own universes - true puppet-masters of the marionettes who dance their merry dance on the stages of our mind. Through writing we regain control. The Channel The Dark project is about using the written word to help those who find it difficult to articulate their own journey towards the light of which we are all capable, given the right direction and support.

Channel The Dark will be the title of an anthology of short stories and poems composed in keeping with the genres we publish, and Volume 1 is planned for a May 2023 release. The E-Book will be available for sale exclusively here on the Temple Dark Books website, with 100% of the income going directly to SOSAD Ireland. The paperback and hardback editions will be available here and in bookstores (locations TBC), and profits after production costs will go to SOSAD Ireland.* We estimate that the anthology will feature the works of 20-25 writers (see submissions guidelines below), and initially the volume will ONLY BE OPEN TO WRITERS LIVING IN IRELAND** (with the exception of those already published by us). We hope to see this expand into other regions in the future.

*Please be aware that no royalties will issue to contributors for this volume. It is a not-for-profit project.

**The entire island of Ireland


As this project is intended to supplement the fundraising activities of SOSAD Ireland, it is possible that trained representatives from said services will peruse your submissions following our initial screening for suitability. This is to ensure that there is no content readers may find potentially triggering. All contributors must be at least 16 years old.


We should clarify that we do not wish to receive works of an explicit or gratuitously violent nature, and works deemed potentially harmful will be rejected. As above, your stories must be in keeping with our brand identity - dark speculative fiction in one of (or a combination of) the genres we publish. Please familiarise yourself with our house style regarding formatting and layout to get an idea of how your work might be presented.

Your stories must be between 5k and 10k words long, and should not be available anywhere else. We will accept poetry of any length, but note that our primary focus will be on short stories. You do not need to articulate your own mental health journey, although we appreciate that analogous or allegorical works are sometimes expressive of same. In keeping with this possibility, you might like to include a short introductory 'foreword' with the story, in case you would like to clarify anything about its content. Please complete the Submissions form below and attach your file, ensuring that it is in Doc, Docx, or PDF format. All other formats will be rejected.

Submissions close November 30, 2022 - for our Cover Art Competition, click here

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