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Prepare To Be Judged

No matter what people say, you humans all judge a book by its cover. You make decisions as to whether a book is worth checking out based on its title and how well the cover represents its content.


Now, we could have offered what everyone else was offering - a selection of random and arbitrarily created book covers with 'Your Title Here' and nonsense like that; but NO! - we want you to be happy little humans, cavorting around with your book in hand the way you envisioned it.


That is why we allow you to work with us towards the creation of original artwork for your book cover, providing us with notes and sketches so our maniacal Creator Creatures can link to your dark minds, both of you channelling your collective madness to bring the world to its knees...


Or they could just design the cover you've long imagined. Up to you, I suppose.


But then, humans, we will present you with an eBook cover AND a print-ready paperback or hardback cover so you can upload it post haste and launch the first wave of attacks upon an unsuspecting species.


Or you could just publish it. You know, whatever...

It's A Cover-Up

No, not really. In fact, we make no secret of the fact that our Creator Creatures breathe for their art - some of them underwater and others in toxic environments, yet still they breathe! Your ideas are their lifeblood, their reason for living.

Your reason for living is, of course, writing, so why spend all that time completing your story and bringing it to fruition, only to slap on some subpar template or someone else's idea for a generic piece of work? We know you've seen those bad covers out there, the ones that look like Windows 95 was still in town. Well, let's smash those windows and open some new doors. Your custom cover awaits.

Check out the covers below for books published under our Temple Dark Books label, and you'll get an idea of what our Creator Creatures can do. You can also click on a Creature's Avatar to see more of their work and confirm that their style is right for you. See our insane prices further below.

We will be adding the work of our other Creator Creatures soon.

Character Art by Bekka Bjorke


Knight of Gaelgara Front Cover
The God Tide Front Cover
Channel The Dark Front Cover
Sha'Kert End of Night Front Cover
A Land Without Wolves Front Cover
Hell's Gulf Front Cover
Structuralist Avatar


Gods of Kiranis Phase Two Cover
Pawns of The Prophet by Ronald A. Geobey
Secrets Of The Universe - Kiranis Book 3 by Ronald A. Geobey
Redshift Front Cover
Apogee Front Cover
The Structuralist

To Wrap Up...

Let's make something clear - you can't call us on a Sunday afternoon to see if our Creatures will make yet another change. This isn't an endless process, and our Creatures are busy and talented people.

The process requires that you really think about what you want from the beginning. An entire re-start won't come free**, so take your time. You can request up to 3 changes, as long as they're relatively minor; but once you confirm that you're happy with the cover, we'll wrap things up and send you your files - PNG/JPG (E-Book); Print-Ready PDF (CMYK).

So, here's what you should expect to pay:

E-Book Cover: €200

Paperback Cover*: €300

Hardback Cover: TBC

E-Book + Paperback Covers*: €450

Contact us now at

*Let us know before finalising your artwork if you want us to include an ISBN. You can provide your own ISBN and barcode, or we can acquire both (and register the details for you with Nielsen, if required) for a cost to be determined upon request.

**A full re-start will cost an extra €150

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