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“…superb world-building, a dynamic sense of a mediaeval world on the cusp of devastation, and a bravura heroine in the redoubtable Sir Roslind.” – Declan Burke, Irish Times

Knight of Gaelgara Hardback by Gary J. Martin


Temple Dark Books is Ireland's only dedicated publisher of Speculative Fiction, with Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Historical Fiction titles on our list, and featuring a growing catalogue of international novelists. We are a small but passionate team of like-minded creatures who could not breathe without the written word (especially those big words that catch in the throat). We occupy a dimension next to yours, and we work with authors whose passion for writing means that it is not just something they do - it is who they are.

Explore our website and you'll see that we occupy the same world as you. As we grow, we hope that we'll have the good fortune to work with you as you join us on our quest for world domination...starting with Ireland, you understand.

Submissions for novels currently closed

Submissions are currently closed for our anthology, Channel The Dark


Image of The Gatekeeper, Overlord of Temple Dark Books

Inter-Dimensional Overlord

On alternating Tuesdays between 3 and 5, The Gatekeeper is just like you. This is because he likes to drink heavily on alternating Mondays, leading to difficulties maintaining his form. He also runs the show, so...we've probably said too much...

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